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Holding you~ by Akiie-chan
Holding you~
Chitanda Smile Icon Hello everyone! I am back from my holiday! (Now I have bloody homework to do...uni starts again in four/five weeks...)

For those who do not know, this is Hanayori Hasu (Lotus). My new Original Character! She is Hanyori Sayuri's missing younger sister. Haha~ Her profile:…

ANYWAY I made this while I was away. I couldn't come online, because I had no internet! I'm so happy to be back, and I hope you all like my new art! YAY![ Icon #34 ] Krul 

Krul Spinning Icon So this is Mika and Hasu's first meeting. Or something like that. Basically Hasu begged Krul to allow her outside! (remember Krul is like her Mama because she was younger then Mika and Yuu when Krul came for her - she doesn't remember her family)

Krul finally agreed, as long as Hasu stays out of sight - stays out of the battles that the 'disgusting' humans tended to make. "Why must they always resist?" Ferid had 'promised' to keep Hasu out of trouble, as long as the Queen gave him something. Of course, you can never trust Ferid who purposely thrown Hasu into the battle which promoted Mika into saving her... or something like that...

Mika Surprised Icon Either way, Ferid fucks everything up for Krul (she didn't want Mika to knew of Hasu quite yet) and makes Mika and Hasu clash into one another. Hehe~ [ Icon #26 ] Mika Mika Looks Icon 

Owari no Seraph gif Krul really hates Ferid....or maybe, just maybe, she might be attracted to him! GASP~ That's why she is always throwing him around! LOL Kidding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mika Looks Icon Mika Hugging Yuu Icon Mika Smiling Icon 
Request - Ellis by Akiie-chan
Request - Ellis
Enju Grin Icon  HELLO! Hi everyone! I'm here with a new request!!!!! GHA! HEHE~

So this little adorable guys is named Ellis! He is soooooo cute! Gha~ Racing Girl Emoji (Ehehe) [V4] 

Ellis belongs to :iconbluestarskye-otaku: 

You will be getting the 'unwatermarked' picture through email! As I wont put the unmarked picture up here!

If you would a request, then follow this link -…

Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu and have a nice day! Komari Kamikita (Smile) [V1] 

Little nose peck Chat's cute cheeky grin 
Request - Mai by Akiie-chan
Request - Mai
Mikaela Hyakuya [Owari no Seraph] Sup everyone! I'm back with a new request! Gha!

Shinoa Small Wave Icon SOOOOOOO, this request belongs to the lovely ChichiThaeia who wanted me to make a beautiful picture of their original Owari No Seraph character! Mai. I had super fun making her. She is so cute and cuddly, and I really enjoyed creating this picture.

ChichiThaeia, I really do hope you like this ;) Shinoa Dances Icon 

Shinoa Excited Icon You will be getting the un-watermarked image through email! As soon as I can!…

Owari no Seraph gif krul Owari no Seraph gif 



Anyway, I love art and making cute pictures! I work extremely hard on my art and do not release them until I am very happy with them! I do take requests, and I do them for free. But this may chance in the future, but for now, they're free!


This is Belle, who belongs to the lovely CrystalMadiem62!  

Request - Belle by Akiie-chan

The next one belongs to LittleMacFan!

An picture of himself, being held by one of the anime girls he likes! OH MY GOD! His smile was amazing! I love it! He looks like a little pervert! Haha!

Request - Carry Me! Please! by Akiie-chan

The next picture, is really just a re-create. Or something. Marley is a boy who belongs to Beth. She wanted her favourite scene in a manga remade so Marley had take Princess Sakura's place. I don't own Tsubasa Chronicles. It belongs to Clamp. This picture was made for Beth's enjoyment only.

Tsubasa Chronicle Request by Akiie-chan

Nite3007 requested me to make a cute picture of her original character: Cornalina! 

Request - Cornalina by Akiie-chan

Please note that I did not post all the requests I have made. Only a select few. As you have noticed, that before Cornalina and Marley, the images do not have a background. I have only recently began to experiment with backgrounds.

Request List!

R1: :iconchichithaeia:

Done~~~~~ Mai-chan finished!

R2: :iconyoshi-futaba:

Waiting on reply. Placed here, as Yoshi-Futaba has been hoping for a request for awhile now - requests were closed

R3: :iconwave-girl:

I have placed you onto the list. I haven't started it quite yet, but I will get to it

R4: :iconelenastripe:

Placed you onto list. Have started it

R5: :iconcrystal33447:

Haven't started quite yet, but will soon

R6: :iconbluestarskye-otaku:

DONE! :) Hope you like it! hehe~

R7: :iconshadowgal990:

Kind of started. Made a few rough sketches

If anybody want an request. Then NOTE me.

Asking rudely will be ignored. No harassing other people (had to block one person). Um, the only rules for having a request from me is to make sure you have an email address. I will post the picture up here, with my watermark. I will not upload it without the mark. Once I have done that, you will receive the un-marked picture through email. I do this, to displace my skills! Other rule is to send me another picture, or a detail description of character or characters! One picture each until I make a new list.

I hope to work with you guys!

If you have any questions, then ask down below.


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